Our goal at Abraza Skin Studio is to inspire people to embrace their natural beauty, challenge the status quo of beauty standards, heal our scars, and embrace our imperfections.
— Dr. Natasha Welch, NP

Our Founder's Story

Dr. Natasha Welch, Nurse Practitioner, is the founder of Abraza Skin Care. Her journey in Medical Aesthetics influenced the development of evidence based skin care products for all skin types with proven results. In 2008, she sustained life threatening injuries including facial trauma. This introduced her to an array of plastic surgeries, permanent makeup, lasers, platelet rich plasma, & microneedling to reduce scar and hyperpigmentation.

"The use of Medical Grade Skin Care products at home, empowered me and made me the driver of my skin's health and recovery. I witnessed transformation. I then became familiarized with which ingredients work!" Dr. Natasha Welch, NP

The Logo

Abraza Skin Care's Logo include the numbers: 1,2,7.  This symbolizes 12/7. Skin care should be performed twice daily (every 12 hours) & 7 days per week.

12/7/2008 was the date of Dr. Natasha Welch's near fatal car accident where she sustained facial injuries that introduced her into the world of Medical Aesthetics & Skin Care.

12/7/1968 is the birthday of the founder's late sister, Lisa Wilmott. Abraza Skin Studio was founded during Lisa's battle with cancer. Lisa was diagnosed with metastatic cancer during the business development phase & opening. Lisa provided words of encouragement and exemplified power, strength, tenacity, & consistency that provided inspiration. Before her death, she encouraged Dr. Welch to pursue her skin care line. The logo is an ultimate homage to her sister Lisa's legacy. Lisa died 1/12/2018. That month the development of Abraza Skin Care began.

Safe Ingredients

Lots of research and time has been invested to develop skin care that is safe. Many products on the market contain ingredients that clog pores, over dry skin, carcinogenic, and just not healthy.

Our formulations utilized plant based ingredients, peptides, and ingredients that are clinically proven for effectiveness.

Our ingredients are NO secret & easy to find on our site and labels because we have nothing to hide.

Here are our NOs:

NO Parabens

NO Sulfates

NO Pthalates

NO Animal Cruelty

MOST have NO Fragrance

We are also:

VEGAN Friendly